January 23rd, 2019


Feels like home.

It was lovely to check DW this morning and have actual content in my feed! I am not dunking on the...I think three people I followed before who were still active? But none of them are super prolific except kind of silveradept *waves hi* So I was used to maaaaaaaaaybe one new post a day, and now there's like twenty. It makes me nostalgic for the old days on livejournal.

It's not quite the same, of course. For a while on LJ the majority of people I followed were people I knew very well, close friends and folks from my long-term fandoms, some that I'd known even before joining the site. Just now you are largely near-strangers still, and I'm in the process of getting to know you all. I'm sure some of you will even go away as you or I decide we're just not that suited for each other's acquaintance after all.

But it's still nice, and perhaps some of us will become close friends.

In other news, today being Wednesday means it's "upload writing" day. I don't have a new Amazon book, that'll be next week, and I don't have any new fanfic right now either (a few things I'm idly poking at, that's all) but I do have a new smut short for my patrons, and a pony short that isn't on Furaffinity yet, so I'll be uploading to those.

I also probably should try to write at least something today. I've been in one of the troughs after a peak of doing 4-5k every day, and haven't really been writing anything. But I have a bajillion projects I would like to finish, including two novels that have been slowly ticking along for a while now.

And maybe I'll try to write something content-ful and about me for here, too. I haven't discussed the state of the community inside my head for a while, other than freaking out about the holidays.

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I survived today.

I did in fact upload stuff. (Four very short MLP fics to furaffinity.)

I did not write. Oh well. I mean I guess technically I did, I opened up a novel and put down like... 50 words? But at that rate I'll die of old age before it's done.

I sewed things, though! Gods, I'm so close to being done with one huge, awful, wonderful, really fucking late project and please can it be over soon?

Tomorrow I get a day off the goober-child (my toddler) which I am mostly spending going to therapy and running errands, because down time is something parents of toddlers are not actually permitted, but maybe I'll take myself out for thai food while I'm out. I have a hankering for this one thing a local place does where the plate is like 1/4 sliced ginger by weight and it's just SO GOOD.

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