January 26th, 2019


It is done, halleluja!

Dragon's Blood is done!

Which is to say, a really rough draft of it is done. Now, some immediate editing, then the "letting it sit" period, then more editing, and then I send it...somewhere. I really would like to submit it to Sofawolf, since they seem to be the largest furry press about, and it's furry. I have published with Jaffa Books for furry things up to this point, but I would kind of like to get this one a wider distribution than a micro press based in Australia is set up for, on this one. It's My Precious.

Speaking of which, this thing is 90k words (if you don't count the deleted smut stuff, which I really had fun writing, but the parts that are not plot essential are going to go. Some parts of it are plot essential, though. Anyhow.) It took me well over a year to write it. During that year I wrote an entire other novel (The Sacrifice, 80k) and a solid 50k of a third novel, (Blood and Fire) both of those in less than a month each.

It's weird how different stories are different to write. This one was in fits and starts, big chunks happening in a few days, long pauses between. The Sacrifice was one single period of concentrated madness. Blood and Fire looks like it'll be in chunks too, since I have actually added maybe 10k in another couple-of-days session.

I don't know. Creating is inconstant and unpredictable, and it's odd sometimes how that is.

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