January 27th, 2019


The things you don't even think about.

My Beloved Is Ours (And We Are Theirs.)

That link goes to an image by an artist I've followed for some time now, who draws fascinating and often deeply weird comics based in Christian theology. As a more-or-less-Christian myself, quite a lot of their ideas have resonated with me. I love that there is a space for queer and progressive Christianity out there. My own former church holds no room for such, so it's pleasing to see other churches that do.

Anyway, there was a discussion elsewhere, relative to this piece, that went into the radical and odd notion proposed by a few people, that Christ himself was pansexual and polyamorous. (Look at the way He's holding the male figure of probably-Judas there, even more intimately than he holds the woman beside Him.)

And that just hit home in my heart in a massive and almost painful way.

Of course He is.

I'd thought of Christ and God as straight because I was raised to think that. Mormonism, where I come from, holds straight marriage as the highest and most godly thing, and so God Himself had many wives and Christ would have been married even though the Bible doesn't even whisper of it, and that's just...how it is. Straightness is next to godliness, I guess. And even though I've rejected the homophobia and the preaching against gays of the church, I hadn't even sat down to examine my unconscious assumption that God has wives only and Christ was straight.

Israel was His bride all through the Bible.

Israel is a male name, you know.

Of course Christ would be pansexual and polyamorous. He accepts and loves us all. There's no room for preference, for loving one person more than another, for a love towards a wife that He couldn't feel towards a husband. (I mean, okay, that goes down some strange pathways if you follow it to its logical conclusion, but still.)

It is just bizarre the heteronormative assumptions that stick even in the mind of somebody like me, who's queer as fuck in basically every way.

My mind is currently blown, and it's by my own ignorance as much as by anything else. Wow.

(Plz. be civil in the comments. I know religion is contentious. I do not tolerate One True Way-ism in any direction, though. It is totally possible to explain differing opinions without shitting on the opinions of others. Thanks!)

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