January 28th, 2019


Kiss Against The Wall

I finished writing this a while back, and I've been sitting on it while figuring out WTF to do with it. I've finally decided to just put it out there.

It's not fanfic, exactly, though it started as a kind of spin-off Legend of Zelda thing, but swiftly mutated from there. It's also not publishable in any conventional sense because it's an erotica type story centering on a teenager that has (among other things) a 13 year old boy masturbating for the first time. It does not have underage "sex", as such, but exactly where you choose to draw the line on that is of course debatable.

I get why nobody wants to touch underage sexuality with a 50 foot pole, I do. Such debatable lines are only the beginning of the clusterfuck or legality and morality that is underage sexual content. But we do a disservice to teenagers in more ways than one when we pretend that "sex" and "consent" are switches that flip on one's 18th birthday. That's wildly unrealistic.

Some people will probably think this story is wildly unrealistic, but some of the odder elements are at least loosely inspired by events in my real life. Life is strange!

Kiss Against The Wall
Underage, no other warnings. (Details in the header notes.)
Original Work
Tags: Coming of Age, Gay Male Character, Gay Rights, Masturbation, Romance, Teenage Drama, BDSM, Dom/sub, Collars, Underage Kissing, Online Relationship, Gay Sex, Teasing, Consensual Kink, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Size Difference
Matthias Emerson gave in to temptation—once—and kissed the then-thirteen-year-old Ethan Flagg. He feels immensely guilty about it, a burden of guilt added atop the heavy load that comes from being a gay man born and raised in a conservative town and an even more conservative church.

For Ethan, though, the kiss was a revelation; he wasn't bored with girls because he was still a child, he was bored with girls because he liked guys. Aided by his bisexual classmate Rob—and by the fascinating things he reads on the internet—Ethan sets out to grow up, and to unlearn the lessons his own conservative parents have taught him. And most of all, to see if he can find the romance he so deeply desires.

When an anonymous admirer reaches out to Matt over the internet, he has no idea it's the boy he sinfully kissed. But with Ethan as the pursuer—and increasingly the one taking charge—things don't turn out how either of them expected.

It seems like the obstacles before them are insurmountable, but it just may be possible for the unlikely pair to deal with Matt's guilt, and with the fact that they will need to wait years until Ethan reaches adulthood.

I wanted some kind of small top/large bottom or large sub tag, but it doesn't seem to exist yet. It's a massive kink of mine currently. Size Difference will do, I guess, but it really is different when it's an inverted dynamic like that.


I'll be posting one chapter a week until it's all up. This will take a while. If you'd like to read the full story, you can always hit up my Patreon, this one is an all-tiers story, so you can get it for $1.

Now to go work on something that is actually publishable, eesh. My muse likes to torment me with things like this one.

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