January 30th, 2019


I did not get the zipper done until two days later.

It was a goal I wrote down here.

It is symptomatic of my life just now. I am just so completely out of spoons. None. Nope. Zilch. Nada. I scrape a few together somehow for things I have to do or else, and that's about it.

Today was supposed to be uploading day for The Vampire's Return but I haven't even formatted the goddam thing yet, let alone done everything else I need to do.


Hopefully I'll get it up by Friday.

I'm behind on everything else too, and it's just crushing, this huge pile of things I should have finished by now, that I haven't. The only thing I'm getting anywhere at all with is writing, but only the writing part, all the rest of it, the stuff that gets it to where people could read it, is just on the pile, with everything else I'm not doing, or doing late.

In a pretty bad place just now, tbh. Dunno what to do about it. Drink tea and sit here writing more, I guess.

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