January 31st, 2019


New smutty e-book thingy out!

The Vampire's Return

My latest thing is up on Smashwords now. (And *should* be formatted correctly on only the second try. Last time it took like six... Oops.) Anyhow, Smashwords is the cheapest place to get it ($1.99) and so the best place to buy it if you are on a budget. Smashwords should have formats compatible with any e-reader, and even a web version so you can just read it however you're reading this. :3 Though it should also be up on Amazon tomorrow. Amazon takes a bit longer to process.

It's gay vampire porn, so I don't know what else there is to say about it. :3 Awesome cover art is by Sheilkuroi, who does great work.

It's part two of a thing, but stands on its own perfectly well. (Or, you know, you could buy part one...) There will be a part three, and then I think I'll be done with this particular experiment.

But it if you want it, it'll make my day. :3

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