February 6th, 2019



"Eeeeeeeeeee!" is much better than "Aaaaaaaaaa!"

Woke up today to find an acceptance letter in my inbox. The Sacrifice, a historical fantasy gay vampire romance, will be published in actual, dead-tree, hold-it-in-your-hands format in April, which is blazingly fast for the world of publishing.

It'll also be an e-book!

If anybody wants a couple of sample chapters of it, I have posted some over on furaffinity.

In other fun publishing news, I got the cover art for the next vampire erotica short I'll be self-publishing yesterday evening.

Collapse )

I think it is a gorgeous piece of art, and it's a shame that most people will only see it as a tiny thumbnail.

The title will be "Storm Cat" and it's were-cougar/vampire smut. I am really hoping that eventually these start getting some traction.

So yeah. I'm trying to be not too excited about either of these things, as I don't want to be let down, but today is a good day all the same.

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