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What's this? A costume?
Haven't had a finished costume photo to post here in what feels like an eternity. (Actually I think I finished a couple while I was just kinda not using the site? Might go back and find those at some point. But anyway.)

So here is a pony!

My Little Pony OC fursuitCollapse )

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Not that into the tropes, I guess?
Everyone I follow is doing this trope meme. I gave it a try, but after nearly ten answers in a row that were don't care/no preference I think my appreciation of tropes isn't much lining up with this meme. I mean, tropes certainly are a thing, and I like certain ones a lot and dislike others, but I'm obviously not reading the same things as everybody else, because really, most of those I'd barely ever read and the ones I had I didn't feel strongly about at all.

It's probably the kink thing, and the pony thing. MLP fandom has its own unique tropes, and the BDSM community is it's own unique planet of ideas and expectations. (And my local slice of it even moreso.)

Also, to be honest, a lot of the time I read more than I write. These days very literally. I'm down to one shortish book every two to three weeks, and I'm writing at least a shortish book's worth in about that time, so... Yeah.

But that's not bad! Certainly I've gotten a lot of great ideas from other people's stories, but there's something to be said for forming at least some of your ideas in your own head, without drawing on what other folks are doing. Tropes are useful to understand, but you don't have to write The Hero's Journey in order to write a coming of age story. (Okay, now I actually want to see if I can map Kiss Against the Wall to the classic Hero's Journey. I bet if you look at it just the right way I can. That first kiss is the Call to Action, obviously...)

Anyway. I'm not a part of "fandom" in quite the same way some people are, and that's fine. :3 But it does occasionally leave me mildly baffled at discovering what other people consider everyday and commonplace in their stories.

Edit: I went ahead and did it anyway because I'm bored. Read more...Collapse )

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