February 17th, 2019


Fandom is contagious

Also the goober child's sleep patterns are a despair sometimes. Anyhow.

I watched Thor: Ragnarok last night because of a fanfic. I almost never watch movies or TV shows anymore because watching anything not suited for a three year old has to come out of my precious "me" time, and movies are not a priority for that time.

But I read a fanfic that filled in this to-me-somewhat-mysterious "hug scene" that I had heard something vague about, and although I really enjoyed it, I also came away from it thinking that some aspects of it just weren't what I wanted. I wanted to write more or less the same thing, but for me, the way I'd do it.

But writing a fanfic for a movie I've never seen felt weird. And what if there were opportunities to pull in past plot moments to strengthen my story idea (there were!) that I would miss? So I watched it (it was very good, I see why everyone liked it, and I also see why shipping fandom went nuts over the hug tease thing) and then I sat down and banged out about 1400 words worth of fic all in one go.

Now that I'm involuntarily awake at a stupid hour I've gotten it up to 2k, and getting to the really fun bits.

It's titled "Surrender" and/or "Say My Name." Having trouble picking, tbh. It is not exactly filling in the hug scene, but it's a kind of continuation of it all the same. Also, you know, it's going to be explicitly rated, and have lots of sex.

The funny thing is, though, that nothing about seeing any Marvel movie up to this point made me want to write my own stories. It was reading somebody else's story that did it. I've always liked Thor/Loki as a ship, but it didn't lodge itself in my brain as something I super related to, until I saw somebody else's take on Loki that just kinda pinged against my own interests but didn't quite fill them properly, and then suddenly I had an idea.

Fandom is contagious. :3

And I already have a different idea, too, though it's probably going to work best as an AU of some kind...

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I finished my Thor/Loki fic. It feels really weird, writing in the MCU. I've never taken part in anything that felt so...large? Mainstream? The biggest fandom I've participated in before this was My Little Pony, you know?

It makes me wonder if the fic will get more or less response than my Zeldafics do, over on AO3. Will it just get lost in the crowd, or will the larger crowd also mean a larger audience? No idea! Guess I'll find out!

I'll be posting it sometime in the coming week, not sure when. It's up on Patreon now, of course. :3 Gotta give the early access to the nice people who support me.

I'm super pleased with how it turned out, though. I haven't read a ton of Thor/Loki, but I've noticed a tendency, there and in other love/hate ships where the canon characters have a history of conflict, that a lot of fics tend to go "And then they admitted they loved each other and it was all flowers and candy and fluffy bunnies!" Which I find kind of annoying. Harry doesn't just kiss Draco and instantly forget about years of bullying. And Thor doesn't just kiss Loki and then trust him. That's not realistic at all.

I feel like I managed a good balance, though, between finding intimacy and not dismissing the past. It's the past between them that makes their relationship interesting, after all. I could write about any two adopted brothers banging, if I just wanted near-incest taboo with handsome guys. That it's Thor and Loki means that betrayal and power struggle are interesting spices added to the mix, and the story is much more bland if you lave those bits out.

I'm also now trying to construct an AU where I can bounce them off each other without worrying about canon accuracy. I can't decide what kind of AU I want, though. Not a school AU, I think I've said I don't really like those. A fairy tale AU, maybe? *ponders* It feels a bit weird to put mythological figures in a different mythological setting, somehow... I don't know. I'm sure I'll think of something eventually.

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