February 19th, 2019


Good news, I guess.

I post too much, probably.

But yeah, I do have maybe good news after yesterday's total crushing of my hopes and dreams. :P (I know, it's melodramatic, but I am really, really, really, really at the end of my rope, emotionally. Literally every single endeavor I'm engaged in in my life right now has had repeated major setbacks and I'm hanging on to anything resembling sanity or ability to cope by a thread here. Also I haven't had consistently enough sleep in over three years now, so there's that...)

Anyway. After telling me the company was going away and so were my upcoming books, the owner of Jaffa Books reached out again to mention that the owner of a different furry publisher was willing to take on all their authors.

I feel it's...mixed news. I've heard not-amazing things about the company and the fact that many of their anthology calls I've seen include zero payment besides a copy of the book does not fill me with confidence in their success or in their treatment of authors.

On the other hand, they will take the entirety of the furry vampire collection as-is, and my only other option is basically to sit on it, waiting for anthology options that might take the various short stories independently and submitting hopefully to them. Given that several of the stories in the collection are longer than the typical anthology length limits, and they're also uncommon themes (I mean, furry vampires here, it's a niche, okay?) I don't know that I'd ever find them all homes.

So I'll give it a try, assuming the contract isn't complete and total garbage.

Wish me luck, I guess?

In much more purely positive news, I've written the first full scene, 4.4k words, of the Thor/Loki construction company and BDSM community AU thing I was discussing earlier. I think it's pretty good. *grins* Anybody who wants to pre-read or beta that for me is welcome to raise their hand, btw.

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