February 21st, 2019


I hate advertising.

Nevertheless, it is a necessity. So here is your official notice that Storm Cat is now for sale on Amazon.

Whee. Check it out for all your kinky, vampire/cougar (literal cat, not age gap thing) sex needs.

I figured out how to put the previous two volumes for sale at $.99 too, so you can pick up the set if you want.

Well Met by Moonlight
The Vampire's Return

In more fun-if-less-profitable news, my Construction Company and BDSM AU Thor/Loki thing is well over 8k words now, and is just about to hit the second kink scene. I think I might do claws. It's a kind of play I don't see much in media but that is super common in my local scene, and it's more personal that whips and floggers and such, so it lets me amp up the getting-close aspect of it.

The next scene after that, though, is going to be electroplay. As if I could write a "Thor explores kinks" story without that one! Come on!

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