February 22nd, 2019


The Madness Place

Pony icon, Girl Genius reference in the title, MCU topic... I am mixing my fandoms a lot! I don't have a Thor/Loki BDSM icon, though. Given where things are headed in my fanfiction just now, I probably could use one.

Three days ago I started it. As of this morning it's 15k long. Also I haven't written anything else, and have been at least mildly neglecting a bunch of other stuff I need to do. That's what I mean by "the madness place." The writing that happens and can't be stopped and I don't even get to sleep sometimes because the story will just bang around in my head, keeping my brain running, so I might as well get up and write some more.

This one isn't that bad, I have been mostly sleeping, though I stayed up a little bit later than I should last night.

But yeah. Apparently having Loki top Thor in a real world BDSM setting is really my jam, because this story is going like hell.

I also have all these thoughts about the other dynamic, the Thor-as-top one kicking around in my head. Electroplay in spades! And probably lots and lots of primal stuff, just using the sheer physicality of the guy. (I feel mildly weird sometimes, btw, knowing that my mental image of these two characters doing kink and fucking and all that is also of two real people. I mean, I googled the actor's heights just to be sure I was correct about whether Thor or Loki was taller. It's a slightly odd feeling. I don't think I could ever cross the line from fanfic to the whole real-people-fic thing some folks do. Though there was a time period when Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel tempted me in that direction. Mrrrowr. But I digress.)

Still open for a pre-reader if anybody wants a whole heck of a lot of various kink play. :3 Haven't gotten to the sex yet, but every scene they do gets just a little more sexual than the last. I think I'm about half way right now?

P.S. I used to get my Thor/Loki (and Link too) kink image needs met at Y!gallery, which no longer exists. Where do people go for non-furry gay smut these days?

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