February 23rd, 2019


Going to be one of those days.

Woke up to a nasty message in my inbox. Somebody on sofurry was bitching at me about *daring* to use the site to try and sell stories by posting teaser/advertisement stories.

Yeah, how *dare* I follow the site's own rules and use its own handy tags for just that situation? Gasp!

I attempted to reply, got even more bitching back, and decided to block and delete the guy.

The real irony, though, is that I'm using sofurry as a test-bed for seeing if posting really large chunks, like 1/2 the story, is any good for getting people to buy the second half, so it's actually the one place right now where you can read the first steamy scene in Storm Cat totally for free.

You just can't win.

Although it really does kind of sadden me, the sheer vitriol some people have for the idea of making money at artistic endeavors. I'm not some corporate drone, pushing "buy this" so a rich suit can get their quarterly profits, I'm one person, who pours hours and hours into stuff that mostly people can enjoy for free, and who would like to be able to pay the bills, or buy a beer or whatever.

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My day could be worse.

20k of Thor/Loki bdsm goodness now. :3

Also the store had the strawberry cider I am currently far too into in stock! It's probably a good thing it's a limited edition that they won't have all the time, because otherwise I might get myself in trouble. (Two Towns Strawberry Haze, for anybody in the PNW who wants to try some. If you can find some, it keeps being sold out. So good. <3 )

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