February 25th, 2019


Building Forces, and Primal Thunder

Building Forces is done! 27k, probably 80/20 kink scenes and "real" plot, but I doubt that part will be a downside for anybody.

I've no idea how it'll be received, tbh. I remember once posting a story I thought would be hugely popular, because it was basically "baby's first BDSM" and dealt with "what do I do when I start having fantasies about things that seem wrong?" and it played out with those fantasies being cute and sweet and loving, and I really thought that it would be just the thing for a lot of people. My pre-reader said it was one of the best things I'd done and everyone was going to love it.

Everyone did not love it. In fact I remember getting a PM from somebody who said they were a little disturbed by the "extreme" level of kink in it.

To be clear, it was a girl fantasizing about tying up her boyfriend and forcing him to sexually serve her, and when he finds out he says he's into that, and here, let me teach you how to use a riding crop, and then we'll have sex.

In my book it was nearly vanilla. To this other person it was extreme and disturbing. And I guess a lot more people than I'd have anticipated fell on that side of things.

Now to be clear, Building Forces isn't anything I'd call "extreme", but it goes waaaaaaaaaaay further than just spanking with a crop. There is blood. There is just no way for me to imagine louder-than-life personalities like Thor and Loki venturing timidly into this world, you know? They're not going to be afraid of blood, they're not going to shy away from pushing pain to the limit. They're just not. So... yeah.

Will it be a total flop? I hope not! I need to let it sit for a couple of days and give it an editing pass, so it'll probably start posting around the end of the week, and take a few weeks to get all the chapters up, as I like to spread them out a bit, give people a chance to find it and follow along.

Now that that's done, I have another idea kicking around in my head. It's a vampire/werewolf AU, also with Thor and Loki (guess which one is which?) that leans into the Norse fostering thing, and into the growing up together aspect. The only issue I'm having is deciding if it's "really" fanfic or not. I mean, pulling more on mythology and history than on Marvel, and the characters being mythological figures means that I could treat this as more of a mythology retelling and less as a fanfic. I guess we'll see how it goes as it comes along?

Now I need to take a little time to buckle down and get some commissions done before diving into this new project, though. Always too much to do, always too little time.

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