February 26th, 2019


I have come unstuck in time.

It's very hard to remember that it's Tuesday. The goober's sleep schedule (or lack thereof) is partly responsible. We woke up at about 4am. I have no idea when I went to bed, but it was not super early.

Oh well.

I used the time to write some. I jotted down a decent outline of Primal Thunder, the werewolf/vampire AU Thor/Loki thing, but for some reason writing it just isn't appealing right now. Instead I skipped back over to one of my original stories, Blood and Fire. Got out a few thousand words of that this morning, including finishing a fun sex scene. (One chapter now has two of them, and I think the next chapter might end up with two as well. It's an adventure/romance, but it's definitely also erotica. :D )

I really, really, really love it. It's 100% re-working of one of my oldest and most precious stories, which was crap but which I couldn't quite bear to completely abandon. So I am making it new. I'm not using any of the old text at all, just a few basic ideas. (Things kept: fire-felines, vampires, involuntary turning, an evil twin, retiring from adventure to try and live as a couple, family and domestic cuteness. Completely ditching: straightness, inter-dimensional travel shenanigans including visiting Earth, demons, and the cheating side plot, though that one may turn back up as its own story later.) Even the characters are different people, though there are traces of who they used to be. Kelwyn is pretty Aidan, tbh. Harun is less Flame Song, but still somewhat. He's no longer a bard but music is still a big part of his character.

Which is all random rambling to most of you, I know. I could go on for hours about the old and new versions of the tale, but suffice it to say I'm very much enjoying the new version. I think it's pretty good. And it has an mpreg storyline, which is a major interest of mine that I haven't had much chance to slip into stories until recently. And now I have two in progress and a decent outline for a third I'll almost certainly do someday.

Blood and Fire is slated for eventual publication, so I can't just share it, though I am sharing chapters with my patrons, and I believe I'll be able to share the full book that way. I've put up a teaser chapter on furaffinity, probably will put up one more at some point, or maybe a sex-scene teaser, but closer to when it's done/ready to publish.

It's going to be a good one, I hope. *crosses fingers*

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