March 1st, 2019


I got my day off, finally! (And good writing news, too)

The day off (from my child, not from work, though I do tend to take it off from work as well) is usually Tuesday, but the snow upset everything, and today was the first day I could get up to my Mother-in-law's house, since she lives on a hill and was pretty snowed in. Hallelujah, I was about ready to strangle the goober child. I love her, but I do not love having to deal with her 24/7, sorry. She was really awful last night, too. Up at flipping 3am and didn't get back down until after 6, ugh.

Went out, tried a new Thai place, had a truly delicious red curry. Nom. The people at the table next to me were complaining that the "mild" was too spicy. I got the mild myself because I totally do not do spicy things, and I thought it was perfect. Just hot enough you knew it was spiced, but not so hot that eating was suffering. (And comparable to every "mild" thai spice I've had anywhere, tbh. Very typical.) It makes me wonder a bit... If you don't like even that much spicy, why are you eating Thai food? Or why not get the pad thai or one of the other dishes with basically no spice? I suppose one never knows the full story, maybe they had a reason, but it seemed odd to me.

Then I went and had a truly delicious pomegranate cider. It was funny, I mentioned the strawberry cider I've been really loving lately that's also been sold out everywhere, and the people behind the counter said they were about to tap a keg of it, and they were so excited. This cider appears to be taking the PNW drinking scene quite by storm!

The place in question does growlers, and I kinda am considering doing that instead of trying to find bottles this weekend. I've been drinking enough of it that I could justify a growler's volume of the stuff. The price is an issue, since it'd be the price of the cider + the price of the growler bottle, since I don't own a growler, but on the other hand the bottled cider is really expensive, and if I can fill the growler somewhere next week, it might already pay off, depending on the price for the cider itself.

Dunno, I'll have to check their website in the morning and see if it's on tap yet and what the price is.

The only other thing I did today was take a nap, and pick up takeout dinner for the SO and I. So my day has been all about food. It beats it being all about stressful things.

In writing news, my short story "An Incident on Demansk Station" was accepted for an anthology titled "Even Furries Hate Nazis." It doesn't pay much, but frankly I had so much fun writing the story, I don't care, and it is exciting to have a story accepted. I've never actually had a short out in an anthology before! It's a little sci-fi thing where one of my personal furry characters basically kicks the snot out of a speciesist transphobe. :3 Very cathartic stuff.

I also am working on a new Zeldafic. Shadow Link/Vaati this time! It'll be a super short one, but good, I think.

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