March 2nd, 2019


A good day

It was the goober child's birthday today. She is just three, and so not really anticipating it, but she did seem to get some of the concept of "birthday", and very much enjoyed the presents. Though we did have to resort to the backup chocolate cupcake, as she didn't like the lemon cake. also the candles turned out to be the trick kind that you can't blow out. She thought that was hilarious!

I did not get strawberry cider today. But maybe tomorrow. Or Monday.

I did finish the Vaati/Shadow Link short I was working on. It kinda makes me want to write a longer version? Vaati/Link in general is my crackship of choice, I just love it. <3

I have five million things I should have posted somewhere today. Did not get to any of them. Maybe tomorrow. Or Monday.

But it was a good day.

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