March 4th, 2019


I still have no strawberry cider. :(

I should have bought a couple of bottles on Saturday instead of assuming the growler place gal saying one of their taps was "low" meant it would be changed out for the cider I want in the next day or two. Apparently "low" actually means... Well, more than two days' worth.

Alas, alas. Woe is me, etc. I continue to check their website to see if it's there yet far more often than I really should.

I also have five BILLION things I need to do, but I have a toddler who's been super-extra needy today, so I am getting none of them actually done. She has interrupted me literally every few seconds, no I am not kidding, multiple times a minute, for most of today. It is a recipe for madness.

I need to double check that I am getting my day off tomorrow. She is the cutest flipping thing, but ohgods when she's like this I just can't even. I got interrupted probably a dozen times just writing this post.

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