March 5th, 2019


Cider acquired!

But only because I hit up the grocery store and they had some in bottles.

WTF growler place, what kind of "the keg is low" means FOUR DAYS more worth? Do you do way less business than I would have thought? Does nobody like blood orange cider? (That's silly, I tasted it, it was good. I just want flipping strawberry.)

Anyhow. It doesn't really matter because now I have two bottles in the fridge and one inside me. :3 But it's still annoying.

I also bought slightly over 200 marbles for the goober child. Her marble maze thing came with mostly plastic marbles, which is BS. That may have been a poor choice, but she can be tidy and meticulous when she wants to be, so if I can successfully teach her that marbles go in the tin as part of the game, she'll keep them cleaned up herself.

And I had curry again! Tried the yellow curry this time. Ordered it mild, it was so mild it was almost spiceless? It was very weird all around, tbh. I associate yellow curry with being thick and gluey, but this was almost water-thin, and somebody seemed to have forgotten to finish cutting the carrots, it had HUGE chunks of rough-cut carrot, like the size I'd use making stock. Very odd. Still very flavorful, but watery sauce + huge carrots + way less spice than expected just made for a slightly sub-par eating experience. It makes me wonder if it was some kind of off day, or if the red curry is just way better at this place, or what?

Posted more Kiss Against the Wall on AO3 just now. I'm pleased that a few people are reading and enjoying it. It being original, and being kinda a difficult subject matter made me fear nobody would like it. (Or nobody would admit to liking it!) But at least three people were willing to put their names down. :3 No comments yet, though. Maybe eventually.

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