March 6th, 2019


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (again)

IT SNOWED MORE. It didn't stick this time, thank fucking god. I know some people are dealing with way more snow than me, but they are also mostly in cities that have snow plows, and salt/gravel, and actually DEAL with this shit. Ugh.


STILL no strawberry cider at the growler place. WTF. Finished the last of my bottles just now. I will be ciderless again tomorrow. :(

Writer's Group is tonight. <3 I love my local writer's group. My city actually has several, but I avoid the super-serious-literary-critique group and go to the "let's read each other porn!" erotica group. They welcome non-erotica too, I've read them bits of serious things, fanfic, whatever. One guy once brought a children's book he was working on, about selfish shellfish, and we've had YA stuff and fairly serious literary stuff too, but the attitude there is just friendly and casual and about having fun. They're way more enjoyable and way less up their own asses then the other group, sorry, but it's true. Yes, there is a great deal of value in trying to be focused on the "best" writing and tearing each other's manuscripts apart, but I wouldn't love and look forward to that the way I love and look forward to the free-wheeling wild discussion of who-knows-what-but-it's-probably-kinky with these folks.

Also the cutest damn trans man on the planet has started attending. OMG. I want to just... I don't even know, pinch his cheeks or maybe blow him, he is adorable and sexy and *shorter* than I am which never happens. I have a massive size difference kink, but it's always been focused on tall people and me being the short one. Suddenly it appears to have fixated on me being the tall one (I mean it's all of two inches, but that NEVER happens, I'm so goddam short.) Anyway. Ahem. He's poly too, and he said last time I saw him that he thinks I'm attractive, so I have high hopes it might go somewhere and I'm just feeling like a flustered schoolboy at the thought he might be there tonight. <3 Gotta brush up on my flirting skills.

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