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Schrodinger's coffee date
You know the thing when somebody says you should meet up for coffee, and you don't know if this is a date-date or just a friend-date? It was a date-date, I think. Certainly we were both feeling out the situation and testing the chemistry. It's not smoking instant attraction, but there's definitely something there.

We talked for about two hours, mostly about writing and fanfic, but since we're both erotica writers that meant talking a lot about sex and porn, and also about poly. :D

Also a self-described "queer quantum physicist" who teaches at the local community college came over to say he liked my hair, and that he'd overheard me explaining Schrodinger's cat and was delighted to find a fellow enthusiast. He had a fantastic bow tie. I'm not actually a student of physics myself, really, but as a rabid reader of sci-fi and occasional reader of non-fiction on the topic I have at least a halfway decent layman's understanding. (Including knowing enough to know the experiment with the cat in the box was never real and was never intended to be in any way realistic, it's more of a commentary on how fricking bizarre quantum physics is than any actual attempt to prove anything.)


I also got told by my date that she sees me as male, and that's just always <3 Being seen as female is so easy, it happens without effort. It happens when I'm trying the other way! But I can guarantee it with the right shirt, the right bra, whatever. Male is harder, so it's always really nice, regardless of the headspace I'm currently in, but extra nice now as I have been in a really masculine headspace lately.

Which is all to say that I've had a really great day so far. Though I was bold and ordered medium and not mild curry when I got takeout after, and this may have been a poor life choice, now that I am sitting here eating it. It is delicious, but also spicy! My nose is running!

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