March 20th, 2019


The state of my writing.

Signed a contract for a short story titled An Incident On Demansk Station, for the "Even Furries Hate Nazis" anthology coming out soon. It's not an amazing piece of storytelling, but it's a setting I want to write more in (transhuman/furry far future sci-fi that's a ton of fun) and having my self-insert character curb-stomp a transphobe racist was quite cathartic. :3

The Sacrifice is ticking along, and should be out in paperback (Eeee! first actual put-it-on-the-shelf book!) at the end of April. If you haven't seen me talk about it here yet, it's a historical gay romance with a vampire god that plays with themes of paganism, christianity, belief, etc. but is mostly about somebody who thinks he's nobody special turning out to be very special indeed. Think Harry Potter but gay, explicit, and with vampires. (And shorter.) Trite, perhaps, but that doesn't make it not satisfying.

Also just got mailed the contract to transfer Blood Choice, another vampire story, from the going-out-of-business Jaffa Books to the still-extant Thurston Howl, which will result in that getting an actual put-it-on-the-shelf book also, which is nice, need to sign that and send it back today. I'm still slightly askance at Thurston Howl's contract, but I ran out of spoons on completely re-negotiating all the details, and Blood Choice is no longer one of my "babies", it's an older story and eh, do I actually *care* who has the movie rights to something that will absolutely never be made into a movie? Not really.

Low spoons results in many things. Imperfect contract negotiation among them, I guess. I get the rights back if Thurston Howl stops selling copies, and that's the big one. Their pricing and terms are okay, and I am happy about being able to stick that on a shelf. The antifa anthology will also be shelvable, so that's three, and there's potentially at least one more in the works on that front, the furry vampire anthology which Thurston Howl is also going to publish.

Ironically, I will be getting books with my name on the cover to stick on the shelf... just after kinda changing my name? Oops? Oh well, S. Park was already a pen name, it hasn't been my legal name in about a decade now. It's still nice!

I have actually written jack and squat this week. A thousand words or so on a pretty weird sci-fi transhuman cowboy romance erotica thing, (The Only Chance Inn. It's sexy, but pretty weird, and only getting weirder as it goes along) a line added here and there, a couple hundred on one of my personal venting projects that's unpublishable, stuff like that. My brain has kinda been elsewhere this week, you know?

Still keeping up my posting schedule, I have oodles of backlog, from spending years writing and just sitting on it, and I've got a bunch of things with finished rough drafts that are just waiting on a little polishing and a place to send them. I wish Sofawolf would open for novel submissions already... I really want to have a bite at that particular apple. But I guess I have to wait.

So yeah, no massive exciting new things, and not a lot accomplished, but things are still moving along at the glacial pace of publishing.

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