March 26th, 2019


*slightly incoherent flailing*

I went on another date and it was really definitely a date and sometimes the best part of poly is that you can recapture that awesome feeling from like...well, people say high school but for me it was college with the "OMG I TOUCHED THEIR HAND" awkward blushy awesomeness where every tiny thing is amazing and just brushing your knee against theirs is like... nearly better than sex and then you kiss and it's just... wow.

I had a good date, is what I'm trying to say. :3

Tuesday is also AO3 updates day, so Kiss Against the Wall (original fic with age gap romance) and Building Power (Thor/Loki kink AU fic with a side plot about Asgard as a building company in a mundane Earth) both got new chapters.

I'm always a bit sad that Kiss Against the Wall will never be super popular. I think it's a great story. Like...great as a story. Publishers won't take it because (gasp!) teenagers have sexual thoughts in it, and it's not "in" a fandom so fandom doesn't care and so it just languishes, but at least a few people seem to be enjoying it, so I guess that's good.

Building Power seems to be going over well with readers, which is also good. I never know where I stand with kink stories. My standards are skewed by living a full time BDSM lifestyle, so sometimes what I think is common and awesome and hot seems to shock people, but this one is doing well so far.

I have a new fic that'll be out shortly as well, my date has infected me with Star Wars non-con fetish material. :D There's a reason she caught my attention!

So I'm going to be putting up a slightly AU story in which absolutely awful things happen to Luke Sywalker. I've barely put any non-con up on AO3, I write a fair bit of it, but most of it's been original, and kinda...private wank material, not stuff I'm interested in publishing. The more my fellow enthusiasts in the kink encourage me, though, the more I write and the more I'm willing to share. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it really can be super hot so long as you keep it to realms of fantasy and role-play. :3

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