March 30th, 2019


Good news! :D

Got a story accepted today and I an thrilled! The "new" definitely hasn't worn off that particular accomplishment yet. It's a were-creature horror story called 'Ware the Deep and was accepted by Blood Bound Books (a small horror press) for their upcoming "Burnt Fur" furry-themed anthology.

It's a different kind of publisher and a different kind of story (I almost never write horror) and yet even though I feel like I'm super branching out, I'm also still writing adult-rated furry fiction here, so... only sorta? :D

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I post too much on the best days. (On the worst days I can't even manage to bitch.)

I'm on pillowfort!

I am not super sold on it, exactly? But I felt it was worth the five bucks to give it a go, and I do like the ability to leave actual comments and not whatever the fuck tumblr's ungodly system was. I never did get the hang of tumblr, it was not my kind of place in many ways, and I don't really mean the culture, though I mean the culture a bit, I mostly just mean the damn site mechanics.

Pillowfort's site mechanics look nicer to me. The culture, or if it'll actually take off at all... Both those remain to be seen. I could say more about that, but I don't want to ruin the mood here.

In other news, today was a glorious day! I've already mentioned my story acceptance. It feels so nice to get in an anthology that's not paying me with a copy of the book. It feels like something that is actually professional and not just like the stuff I had "published" in high school. And, you know, the money is nice to have, also.

But on top of that we had a fantastic outing; myself, my partner, and our goober child. We went to the Arboretum and looked at wildflowers and saw a snake and the goober spent forever playing with this little exhibit on wetland animals, and generally had a grand old time. The goober also got way too excited about saying hello to people's dogs, which running up to strange dogs was bad and I had to hang onto her a few times, but we got permission and greeted several and it was flipping adorable.

Then I came home and successfully re-created the beet and watercress salad I always got at this amazing taco place that has sadly gone out of business. I mean, recreating a salad is not hard, throw the same ingredients together, ta-da. But still, I'm pleased. I found a dressing that really worked and it was very nice to have. The cost works out to not much cheaper than it was eating out, tbh. Watercress and chevre are both not cheap and I got a fancy dressing too! But it is a nice indulgence, and the ingredients I got provided enough to make two more servings, so guess what's for dinner tomorrow and the next day too?

And then I drank another bottle of the strawberry cider to finish out my day. Yes, I am still obsessed. It's no longer on tap so I can't get it in growlers, but I couldn't resist a bottle, even if the price is stupid. It was a very indulgent kind of day, but I was feeling celebratory, and I still am! Even the oncoming that-fucking-time-of-the-month can't keep me down today!

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