March 31st, 2019



I just had more of the beet salad.

It is cooked beet slices (I was lazy and boiled them, next time I might roast with some kind of light glaze), with dabs of chevre over that, and then a good handful of watercress leaves on top, some kind of sweet balsamic (I got a walnut-fig balsamic that's good, and fairly acidic to balance the sweet) and then sprinkled with some kind of candied nuts. The original had candied sunflower seeds! I just got praline pecans, as a giant tub of them was relatively cheap (for pecans) at Costco this week.

That's all! Super simple, and it's really good.

I was updating my publication document and realized that while right now I have zero physical books in print (but seven assorted e-books) this time next year there will be at least six! Two novels, two anthologies I have a story in, one short story collection all my own, and one kinda oddball fanfic self-pub project.

This is very exciting!

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