April 1st, 2019


No pranks today.

I can't promise I'll never ever prank anybody ever, because I have done something for April Fool's a few times in the past, but I do believe that a "prank" is supposed to be funny or fun, not cruel. (Although admittedly I did troll-prank somebody I considered something of a bully, once. Long story, the prank only worked because of her bad behavior, otherwise it would have been a total non-event.)

But today there are no pranks. I haven't been exactly focused on that kind of thing, and also I have a @#$%@$%@ cold. :( I thought maybe I'd just snored too much, sometimes I wake up with a sore throat if I sleep wrong and snore a lot, but nope! It's a cold. I can feel my flipping eustachian tubes swelling, which is both uncomfortable and really weird, but I always particularly get ear troubles with a cold, and my sinuses are a cavern of woe. Bleh.

This is going to fuck with some other things if it doesn't go away soon, also. I've been avoiding discussing some stuff, but heavy things are coming in a few days, and if I'm still sick, I don't even know. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, why me?

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