April 18th, 2019


Keep forgetting about this!

It'll be out Saturday!

It's a "real" novel in two senses, one it's actually novel-length rather than a short story or novella, and two it will be available in a physical format as well as an e-book. As this is my first time having a physical book come out, I am not exactly sure how that works. There are no pre-orders, so I believe you can just buy it on Saturday and it will ship immediately thereafter.

I haven't gotten my copy yet either, I assume they're just being frugal since JMS puts the "small" in "small press" and will be sending mine with the first batch of orders.

The cover is, as always, nothing whatsoever like the contents of the book! :D I've been describing it to people as "Harry Potter, only shorter, gayer, and with more vampires." Well, "more" being "one," but I don't think HP has a vampire proper? Just Voldy creepily drinking unicorn blood? It's a fairly classic coming of age story, about a young man who considers himself worthless enough to volunteer when his village is having a terrible famine and the aging priest of the old gods asks for a human sacrifice. Over the course of the story he discovers that he is of worth after all, and in some fairly surprising ways. It's loosely historical, set somewhere in Europe and somewhere around the 700s, but it's not strictly historically accurate at all. I figure it's at least Anne Rice accurate, and people liked those, right?

Anyway, I've no idea how well it'll do, but I hope people like it. I think it's great, but I might be biased.

In related news, JMS also just accepted another novella from me, "Three of Hearts", which will be out in June. Just as an e-book, but still. That one's maybe not as "good" a story as The Sacrifice, judged strictly on literary merit, but it's basically a giant pile of all my favorite things. The main character is trans, it has people who are cool about that and not just bigots, it has vampires, and it has a threesome, as the title suggests, plus there's just a dash of D/s involved. Very fun.

Good things in the pipeline!

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