April 20th, 2019


So tired.

Just...tired. And I thought tomorrow would be a day off, but it will not be. It will just be the same damn grind. Ugh. Day off on Tuesday.


I should be doing a big, bouncy, happy promotional post, since the e-book of The Sacrifice is out and I should be spamming it about everywhere. But I was anticipating the paperback dropping at the same time and it hasn't, I'm still waiting to hear the actual when/where of how to order those and when I get my copy, and combined with how damn TIRED I am, I'll do the spam post when I have all the info. I'm feeling too lazy to even rummage on Amazon for the link to buy the thing.

If you want it anyway, despite my not selling it worth a damn here, I have the JMS bookstore link open, at least, https://www.jms-books.com/erotic-romance-c-29_94/the-sacrifice-p-2746.html

Anyhow. Monday, I guess, I'll do a big push and promote it around. Maybe even publish a bonus scene I've got that didn't make it into the book.

So damn tired.

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