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I haven't seen Endgame.
Hell, I still haven't seen Infinity War! :3 Given what a to-do it is for me to get movie-length time off, I'd honestly rather spend that time doing any number of other things. Movies are like... 30th on my priority list or something? Below "staying home with a good cider and writing". So... Uh... I think the last thing I saw in the theater was The Last Jedi and I have no idea what was before that. Star Trek: Into Darkness maybe?

But you can spoil me all you like, I don't mind.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of individuals attempting to avoid spoilers and I fully agree with the generally accepted spoilertext/cuts/blank spaces and warnings systems implemented by people on various platforms. The kindness towards others' choices in what to see or not see is great!

But a "spoiler" doesn't really spoil anything, most of the time.

Really, it doesn't.

I mean, by now we *all* know that Darth Vader is Luke's father, and does that take one milligram of enjoyment away from watching the original Star Wars movies? It does not!

A good story can be watched and re-watched endlessly, because it's not relying on the "gasp, OMG, who could have guessed?" to be good. If shock and surprise are all your story has going for it, then it sucks as a story.

Of course there is a certain joy in seeing something unfold for the first time, and I won't deny that. On the other hand, uh... About 90% of what I've already been spoiled on regarding what happens in Endgame I had guessed would probably happen based entirely on internet-meme spoilers of Infinity War which, to remind you all, I also have never seen. Seriously, guys, this stuff is super predictable, and half the time I have guessed the shape of the plot of a movie just from seeing the trailers, so "spoilers" about that stuff are hardly changing my viewing experience. I still haven't finished Dr. Strange, for example, but I've watched about 15 minutes of it, and I can see that they're setting up his hubris so that he can take a fall and learn a lesson (probably in humility) which will then enable him to beat the person/forces that caused the fall. People who've seen it, am I wrong? I'd be shocked if I was.

Snape kills Dumbledore!!!!! Well yes. I mean come on, the elderly mentor figure always dies before the young hero comes into his own, and who else was going to do it with any real impact? It was either Snape in just the way he did, or Voldemort personally. Them's your options in the kind of story that's going on here, and I could have told you that half way through Sorceror's Stone. It's not much of a spoiler.

Most of them aren't.

You'll still enjoy the movie anyway, and if you don't, is that because of the spoiler, or because you walked into the theater primed to have an awful experience because you'd been spoiled so it was bound to be shit?

That's my rant on the topic of the day. Enjoy. :3 Civil disagreement in the comments is welcome, should you have a differing opinion.

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