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It's odd, a bit, the way we on DW just sorta...sit back and watch each other. I mean, we do also interact, but I know I read far more than I ever comment on, and I think most other people here do as well. It's interesting. I think it means that in some ways we know each other far better than it seems.

To totally change the topic, I recently re-encountered the whole "humans are weird" trope, genre, whatever you want to call it. Specifically the "space Australia", Earth as a hellworld, and "Humanity Fuck Yeah" versions of it. Sometimes them are dumb. Massive, overpowered human military might gratuitously winning over evil but helpless aliens is boring. But some of them are very good. Many of my favorites are humans who aren't necessarily stronger, or even smarter, just a little bit crazier, a little bit wilder and more risk-taking, than anybody else is.

And then, of course, I get a plotbunny for one of those "Earth is the worst of hellworlds and humans are over-muscled killing machines that all aliens fear" settings. I find them boring as a concept, but a few good stories have been told in them, and as I was reading one, I suddenly had a thought, which was, how would a vegetarian, pacifist, mild-mannered hippie type deal with being the monstrous boogey man of the galaxy?

So guess what I'm two thousand words into now?

Also, I wrote a cute little short for one of the "Humans aren't stronger or smarter, just stranger" settings that's only 800 words long, so here, have a storyCollapse )

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