May 3rd, 2019


Content warnings.

I'm not good at them?

There's a pretty good discussion of them going on elsewhere on my friends' list, and it's making me think about my own writing/warning habits.

I mean, I know enough to clearly mark explicit sex, rape, and really out there fetish content, etc. (Though my sense of what qualifies as "out there" is a bit skewed.) But I know there are topics other people bounce off of hard that I don't always think of warning about. If it's not mentally on my "Big, Obvious List Of Warnings" and it's not something that bothers me personally, it's very easy for me to forget.

If I ever discuss or post anything here that makes any of you guys go "Woah, I'd have liked to know that was there before it hit me over the head!" please don't hesitate to tell me, and I myself am trying a little harder to be mindful of these things.

I don't think the whole world needs to be a safe space for everyone. In fact I am firmly of the opinion that there's no such thing as a universal safe space, because what some people need to feel safe and comfortable can actually be triggering to other people. (For example, any places where I can't discuss kink, sex, non-con fetishes, etc. freely is a place I won't feel completely at home, yet some people are squicked out hard by some of that.) But I myself have noticed that friendly and communicative communities like DW can start to feel like safe spaces, and it makes the impact of something "unsafe" all the worse for folks who weren't braced for it. So it's a basic kindness and courtesy to warn that difficult material is present in a place like this, and I do want to try my best.

P.S. In other news I have uploaded a few more icons. I almost never use them, but I've collected and made so much great art over the years, and I have the space, so why not? Today's post features the version of me/my self-insert character Aidan from Dragon's Blood, a furry novel set in a roughly 1700's fantasy world, which I have finished writing, but which still needs editing and also needs a certain publisher to flipping open for submissions already so I can submit it.

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