May 7th, 2019


I had panang curry today.

I've been eating a lot of Thai curry lately (to the point where I used to have no spice tolerance, but now solely from eating curry I'm to the point where "medium" spicy is barely hot to me) but I'd passed on the panang every time because a.) it had lime leaves in it, which didn't sound apetizing? And b.) the local place only put green beans in it, and I liked a variety of veggies better. But today I decided to give it a go, as I'd had the other kinds a few times each now.


It was SO GOOD. It was just amazing. AMAZING.

The lime leaves were a strange texture, and I'm not super a fan of that, but the flavor was just wonderful. I think I'd still like it with a few things other than just green beans? I need to see if some of the other Thai places around here do it, and if they put different things in it.

It's so fucking good.

Alas, food does not heal all things.

I had a bit of a meltdown earlier today. Life has been stressful in the extreme, and I kinda yelled at my husband, which is not great. I didn't yell at him about him, but even yelling at him about somebody else is still not ideal? I apologized, but gods I am so damn stressed right now.

I had my day off, and had amazing curry, and saw my girlfriend, and it was just enough to get me back to vaguely sane, but not to actually rested. I need more down time, but I won't get it until flipping September, when the kiddo starts preschool. It's ridiculous how much I'm looking forward to that. Though I have to potty train her first, and of course she's being a butt about that. Sigh. Oh well. It'll all work out somehow, I'm sure. Just... ugh.

At least I had good curry. My life is held together in a shambling mess of barely functional by such moments.

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