May 22nd, 2019


New life milestones. :|

I had my first ever "monster in the dark that wants to murder and probably eat you" nightmare last night.

I've always had what I call "anxiety dreams", dreams where I am fucking everything up and can't fix it. I particularly tend to have the "needing to rescue animals" version of that, though in my case it's snakes and not kittens, except that one time it was a man-eating carnivorous horror kitten but really it just needed to be loved and fed more often. I also get dreams where I can't find my husband and eventually fall over sobbing because I'll never see him again and I'll be alone forever. Ugh. But I guess now I can add some kind of daft, horror-movie inspired "If you have sex the monster will get you" dumb thing, because that's what I dreamed last night.

Then just for fun I had an awful anxiety dream after that which involved me trying to go to a new church and my family turning up there, and my brother even (the super religious one) giving the sermon, but he was twisting everything about that church around to try to justify everything I'd left Mormonism over and it was just horrible.

Then, because my brain hates me, I had one of those long, rambly, almost-a-story dreams that I sometimes like, but it was full of super-high spots I could fall from and die that only got higher as I went along (I'm afraid of heights) and also somebody with a dragon who was trying to kill me.


Dumb brains.

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