May 26th, 2019


Two slightly more serious HFY stories.

But only slightly.

Departing from the "silly toddler" theme and trying out a couple of other ideas. And since they're both on the long side, I'll just link to the reddit posts rather than put them in the post body here.

To Study War No More.

"Man had decided to study war no more because they were very, very good at it." - Larry Niven, Man/Kzin Wars.

The Therbin hold piracy as a point of pride. To produce is to be lesser, to be prey. To take what you want without creating it is to be greater, to be strong. Unfortunately the Therbin were late to space, and found humanity, seemingly peaceful, pastoral, and not much threat, doing a lot of the merchant shipping out there, despite charging a premium price for the "human guarantee" that no matter what your cargo will be delivered. They never bothered to stop and consider why other species might be willing to pay such a fee...

The Mad Ones.
Or how the human race became the second craziest species in space.

We never built Project Orion, because so far we haven't really needed to. But somebody else someday might...

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