June 2nd, 2019


I live!

I did indeed survive till today.

I don't really feel like getting into what, exactly, I had to survive. I go on and on about my issues here enough, and sometimes it just seems like I've bitched about a certain topic as much as I should, and it's time to just move on to other things.

So, other things!

I have been dipping a toe in coffee lately. This morning I made my very first cup myself at home. Some beans my husband picked out for himself, but I think they're fine, and an aeropress we swiped from his mother because she never uses it, a grinder from the same location, and a watch of Binging with Babish's recent "making coffee" episode (I don't like the ones that are advertisements, which this one was, but it was still informative enough on the subject of how to use an aeropress) were sufficient to get everything together, and it worked great! I like it with lots of cream and just a little sugar.

I also googled up and read a bunch of articles about making coffee. Ironically, of all the widgets we could have bought to do so, I think the aeropress is the one I would have picked out, because it's so forgiving of the details of grind size and brew time and temperature. You can get a drinkable cup any number of ways, so it's no biggie if I don't get everything precise. Also it's very fast, and easy to clean up after. As I am an imprecise, lazy butt, the suits me perfectly!

One of the articles I read talked about making at-home flavored coffees, and I bought some cocoa nibs today, to have a go at doing a kind of bitter mocha at home. (I find most mochas to be a little too sweet. I like mochas a lot! But they're usually on the sweet side for me all the same. Though one local bakery does a dark chocolate mocha that's <3. Their hot chocolate is perfect, too, they make it the same way I do, more or less.)

So yeah, new enthusiasm, new minor hobby, probably. I don't know that I'm going to be a daily drinker, but the occasional cup is definitely going to happen, and it's much more fun to make my own than to go buy it somewhere.

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