June 3rd, 2019


More coffee!

Tried the cocoa nibs this morning. Success! Although it's interesting, the last few sips were way more chocolatey than most of the cup. The nibs seem to grind up to a finer particle than the coffee beans, despite grinding both together, so there was some very fine cocoa sediment that went through the filter and hung out at the bottom of the cup, basically.

I kinda want to go make a second cup... Dunno if I need the extra caffeine, but damn it was delicious.

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You can love a thing that's problematic.

I'm re-reading Zelazy's Amber series, and good god the guy was a sexist pig. I mean really. Literally 100% of his female characters in those books are either poisonous, manipulative schemers who try to use the men around them for their benefit, (in one case *literally* venomous) or damsels in distress. Every now and then, just for fun, somebody is both!

There are only two occasions where we meet a woman who doesn't immediately show one of those two traits. One is Dara, who *seems* physically capable and is just looking out for herself, but then it's later revealed that everything she did then was manipulative and scheming, and Coral, who seems capable and self-actualized, but this characterization turns out to be part of a fake-out in which Zelazny is trying to make you think she's actually a particular inhuman character. The instant it's revealed that she's a human woman after all she immediately becomes a damsel in distress and spends every single on-page moment after that being aided, tended to, fought over, and rescued by the male characters. She only seemed able to take care of herself as part of a giant fake-out, and actually NOPE, she can't!

It's gross.

It's really gross.

I still love Zelazny as an author, and the Amber sitting is amazing, but...gross.

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