June 6th, 2019


Mermaid scale fuzzy pythons.

I finally bought some of that "mermaid" reversible sequin fabric. Interestingly, though both came from the same seller, the two colors are different in scale density. The dichromatic red/green with dark blue flip side is very dense, making the "flip" almost not work properly, while the teal with the peach flip side is much more sparse and flips more readily, but looks poorer on close inspection. They're both awesome, though! Pain in the @$#%@$#% to work with, but I expected that. They also do NOT photograph well. :( They're much nicer in person.

Click for bigger.

Here's a pic of all the pythons I have currently, including some various views of the scaley ones, top and bottom, and with the scales reversed.

They all have plastic jointed spines, so they pose very nicely. Though the scale-backed one doesn't have the spine anchored along its entire back, I couldn't figure out how to do that for the scale fabric. (The method I use for the furry-backed ones wouldn't work) so the spine can kinda slide around a bit. It still poses fine, it's just slightly less stable than the rest of them.

If anybody wants to buy one, they're $25 each, + shipping. :3

I also have a big three-foot red and yellow one kicking around somewhere... I've made various versions of this pattern, and in theory could go even larger, the spine comes in a really humongous size. Though if somebody wanted one bigger than three feet in the scale fabric, I'm not sure I could hide a mid-seam, and the scales run *sideways* to the yardage grain, so there's a size limit inherent in the fabric (just over four feet) on those.

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