June 13th, 2019


I got fanfic!


It's a new milestone for me as an author. Somebody has written a fanfic of one of my original stories.

I've had fanfic-of-my-fanfic before, but that feels different. It's all been of Ember's, one of my more popular My Little Pony stories, and so it's not like somebody saw my world and wanted to play in it, we're already both playing in the same world, and they just borrowed an idea/character from me. It's great, don't get me wrong! I adore the fanfics of my Ember fanfic. <3 But this is different. Somebody saw my original world and was like "Yes, I need to write about that!"

I suppose there's still a milestone to go, as this is somebody I know well, who read the story because I sent it to them (I'm "publishing" it on Fetlife, but the whole thing isn't up there yet) and it's not one of my published stories somebody just found and bought. But still! It is exciting.

It's also, ah...perverse as hell, since the original work in question is a non-con/dub-con fetish story called Slave Kitten.

They say authors should never read their fanfiction, and I fully understand the reasons why. But in this particular case I made an exception. It was pretty much written as a gift to me, and given the circumstances, there's no worry about my ending up in copyright disputes over it. :3

Anyway, that's a good way to start off my day! Hope the rest of it goes as well.

If you want to read it, it's also a Star Wars fic (crossovers, yay) and has basically all the content warnings, it's perverse as I said, but it can be found right here.

The original-in-progress, for people who use Fetlife, is over there.

And if you don't use Fet or just want to read the whole thing, I'm always happy to share if you ask. It's a gay, furry, non-con, vampire, sex-slavery story. All (well, a lot) of my favorite perverted things!

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I also wrote fanfic!

The Zelazny's Amber re-read I mentioned earlier was in the service of writing a gift fic for a friend. She writes gobs of amazing Amber smutfics, and also runs the local writer's group which I love attending. Having a fanfic-friendly writer's group is a treasure!

So I wrote a Corwin/Eric ridiculous smutty shipfic that's inspired by one of my friend's stories. Brotherly love, whee! :D (For the 99% of you who don't know, Corwin and Eric are brothers and in the canon story they hate each other's guts, but it's that "we hate each other because we're too alike" kinda hate and there's literally a line in the books where Corwin says that if he didn't need to hate Eric he would love him. So of course I ship them.)

It's up on Patreon for the patrons right now, (I do try to always give my patrons first go at anything, and whatever bonuses I can dig up for them. It's actually getting slightly beyond "beer money" now, though it's not into "actual job money" by a long shot. But I super appreciate their support.)

I'll slap it up on AO3 sometime in the next week or so.

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