June 15th, 2019


Seeing yourself.

I just finished reading an essay I was linked to about the importance of fanfiction for people of color, who almost never see themselves in the beloved stories that we grow up on. Fanfiction is a way to claim and belong to worlds that otherwise exclude people like you, and that's very vital.

The essay also mentions the way that fanficion is linked to women and girls, and therefore dismissed in a sexist way.

This always makes me think of bronies. Which I think proves that yes, the reason women and girls write more fanfiction than men and boys is because of the desire to see yourself in media that doesn't include you.

Bronies, you see, write massive amounts of fanfiction about males, human or equine, in the female-majority world of Equestria. Friendship is Magic almost entirely lacks male characters. For most of it we had only two with any recurring major role, (Big Mac and Shining Armor) and both of those are brothers and/or husbands of more important characters. Watching male bronies re-invent everything that female Trekkies or Harry Potter fans have come up with, but inverted, is honestly fascinating!

It also proves that sexism really does swing both ways, because bronies and their art and literature also get dismissed, because Men Writing Important Stories do so about Manly Things, and so men writing about pastel pony princesses aren't being Properly Manly and can therefore still be dismissed.

For me, well... Want to know how many of my fanfic characters are plural, or trans, or otherwise gender variant? A lot! Creating representation isn't the only reason I write fannish stories, of course, plenty of the things I write are about other things, but plenty are. Trans people just don't appear in media yet, not really. POC got Black Panther, at least, and it's an absurdly tiny step coming absurdly late, but it's there. When will trans people get our Marvel movie? Technically I guess this upcoming Loki show might count, but unless Loki is visibly embracing his female side (which he has not so much as mentioned to date in the movies) I don't think it counts.

I should write more gender-bending Loki stories, tbh. He's such a fun character.

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Speaking of seeing yourself in stories...

If the mainstream media won't provide, write you own. So I did!

My latest e-book for sale is a gay threesome story, featuring a trans man and a pair of vampires. It's fairly self-insert-y in places. Lots of steamy biting, a little dash of adventure, and a modest side serving of transmasculine issues.

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Also for sale on the e-book platform of your choice, lemme know if you have trouble finding it.

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