June 17th, 2019


First lines of your last ten published stories meme.

I'm curious if there are any trends.


Noah McCauslin sat on a bench and watched his fellow students walk by, in all their endless variety. Three of Hearts

Galactic civilization has a hard time agreeing on anything. The Mad Ones

Bril inhaled a deep gill-cavity full of dockside air and sighed contentedly. To Study War No More

Twilight's hooves pounded the ground in a rapid beat. Apex (My Little Pony.)

Akitl was admittedly not paying terribly close attention to the pair of children chasing each other in circles around on the grass a few meters away from her. Saber-toothed Licker

"There are many paths to the dark side." The Path of Hate (Star Wars)

In the land of Hyrule, destiny is an ever-repeating spiral, history moving forward, yet always coming back to the same conflict, the same battle of Courage against Power, as the legendary hero Link faces the ever-returning evil of Ganon. Love and Other Forms of Madness (Legend of Zelda)

"Well, the bed is big enough, at least," said Flame Song. Foursome (Link goes to Fetlife, even the splash page if you are not logged in is probably a little NSFW.)

"Thor! You made it!" Jane's smile was broad and welcoming as she ushered Thor inside the house. Building Power (Marvel Cinematic)

"I'll stay." Infinity Times Two (Legend of Zelda)


Picking out what counted as "ten last published" was a bit odd, given how I splatter wildly differing works in wildly different ways across many differing sites. I ended up having to consult my Patreon, which is the most consistent place I post nearly everything. I didn't count things where I'd just added the latest chapter, only things where I put up a complete story. I also only put in one of the Kids Are Weird HFY stories because they're all so short and so similar, and they'd have been half the list otherwise. (I picked Saber-toothed Licker because it's my favorite, though it wasn't the most popular.)

It amuses me all out of proportion that the fist line of Infinity Times Two got in there, as it's also the last line of One Plus One Equals Infinity.

There is definitely one strong pattern. I am normally a rambling writer, with long-winded sentences that include asides and interjections and just meander all over. I use semi-colons and em-dashes a lot. But almost all of these are short and punchy. Only one of them meanders at all.

This also pretty nicely encapsulates what I'm writing currently. Evenly divided between original and fanfics, plenty of romance but some things that aren't, and plenty of porn, but plenty that isn't. Legend of Zelda just winning out as the biggest fandom, but MLP isn't abandoned, and my tendency to dip into other fandoms on a whim represented by Star Wars and the MCU. One "real" published story for sale, some shit posted randomly around the net, some kinky stuff on Fet... Yeah, it's very "me".

It's a not half bad representation of how fast I write also, since Infinity Times Two was posted at the end of February, so this is ten stories in four months. I guess it's cheating because Foursome is a super old story. But then I didn't include a bunch of things I've posted single chapters of, so I guess not.

Anyhow, interesting meme thing!

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Zelazny would probably be horrified.

The Same Coin (7688 words) by bladespark
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Chronicles of Amber - Roger Zelazny
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Corwin/Eric (Chronicles of Amber)
Characters: Corwin (Chronicles of Amber), Eric (Chronicles of Amber)
Additional Tags: Sibling Incest, Ghosts, Shameless Smut

Corwin and Eric hated each other for many reasons. But at least some of the hatred had its roots in the intimacy, rejection, and shame that revolved around one specific night, long, long ago. Corwin had long since put that night out of his mind, and what did it matter, anyway? Eric was dead and gone. When one of his distant kin discovers something new about the pattern, though, Corwin realizes that those who walk it don't necessarily have to stay dead.


So yeah. A gift to a friend, and a bit of an indulgence for myself, for that matter. It's gay, it's got a good streak of D/s in it, and also I gotta say that between this, my Luna/Celestia, and my Thor/Loki stuff, the sibling incest kink is starting to grow on me. :D

I have no particular reason to think that Zelanzy was a homophobe, by the way, but I have no particular reason to think that he wasn't either, and I believe I've already commented on his obvious sexism. So I don't really think he'd approve of the pairing I've made here. But the reason above all that I think he'd be horrified by this is that he said he never wanted anybody else to write Amber stories. That was his world, and only he should play in it. (As I understand it, this was in response to a fellow author suggesting one of those setting-based anthologies where other authors play in one particular author's world, which were common back in the day and which I always rather loved. Published fanfic by "real" authors of their own favorite friend-author's worlds! How great is that? But Zelazny said no, he wouldn't allow such a thing, because he wanted Amber to be his and his alone.)

It's interesting, honestly, thinking about the morals of writing fanfic of a story who's author has said he doesn't want such things. Does that desire carry any weight? Were the author living, I might say it had some. Dead authors can't suffer any pain, they're dead. :3 But I also feel that when you chose to publish something, you chose to lose control of it. Especially in this day and age, when everyone knows about fanfic. If you want a world to remain your own, you need to keep it to yourself, I'm afraid.

Besides the "eh, your sexism bugs me, so my fanfic can bug you" feeling, though, and the "authors don't own their ideas once they share them" feeling, I also feel that monetary interests stomped all over Zelazny's wish long before I did, given that there was an authorized posthumous sequel to the Amber books, and a Choose Your Own Adventure spin-off, and a few other odds and ends that involved other authors playing in Zelanzy's sandbox after his death, for the monetary gain of the publisher.

I'm just doing it for fun, and as a present for a friend, and that feels less gross to me, tbh. Take that however you will.

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