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My week so far:
Sunday - had church. Was nice. Goober child was a total butt for part of it, augh.
Monday - inoffensive. Very tired. Stayed in.
Tuesday - usually my day off (from the kid, and sometimes from work) but instead of relaxation and time off and de-stressing, I got three teeth drilled. Am a ball of stress and neurosis and desire to yeet the goober out the window.
Wednesday - My fucking computer died. DEAD. I am counting my lucky stars that only one drive went, and it's not the drive my writing lives on. I do backups, but not daily. I need to do daily, and get dropbox sorted out so it's double redundant, I think. AUGH. ALL THE AUGH. Spent the day pissy, stressed, and using all my phone battery.

Today! Functional new computer was produced by my miracle-worker husband, but it has nothing on it. No bookmarks, those are all gone forever. Which is going to be a colossal pain. No IRC scripts (things you forget you even have/use!) No Scrivener! Thank god I'd saved my license e-mail so I don't have to buy it again. And none of my files/docs/anything are actually on here yet, it all has to be transferred over. I am slowly putting important bookmarks and things back together, but I know some stuff will probably be lost forever.

New cat also peed and pooped on the rug. Cleaned that up. Found the corner stash of further shit outside the litter box, so this isn't the second incident it's more like the fourth or fifth. Sorry, new kitty. You are the sweetest bucket of purr, but between this and your still picking fights with the other cats, this isn't working. Called the shelter. The one that's open today doesn't take cats. Left a message at the other one. The open one did tell me that new kitty sounded like a probably good fit for the other place to take him. Hopefully he gets a home where he can be an only cat and get loves and pets and plenty of food. I want to keep him and love him, but he's not happy here, and I can't keep cleaning the rugs.

Just for fun, the goober decided to wake up at I-don't-even-know this morning. 6am? At least a couple of hours before normal wakeup time. Ugh. Woke up my husband too, poor guy. Sometimes I'm like "Hah! Feel my pain!" when he has to deal with kiddo's bullshit, but really, it doesn't accomplish anything for him to not get any sleep too, it's just annoying to both of us.

Probably going to have cake for lunch, because there is cake. Poor life choices, etc. but I have been so damn fucking adult today that I'm all out of adulting.

Tomorrow - my birthday. Having a few hours off from the goober to go out to dinner somewhere grown-up and not have to keep her entertained between bites, hallelujah.

Also having flipping identity issues over "but is it really my birthday?" Yay, my dumb brain. Aidan's birthday was always in February? But Aidan is me, and I am Aidan and my birthday is in June, and so... I dunno, I guess it's my birthday? And I guess February 14th is too? If I'm both of us now? I didn't celebrate that this year, I don't generally. I get a "happy birthday" from websites where I put that in the profile, is all I've ever done for the Feb. one. But it feels all weird. My identity issues are so unsettled and muddled right now. I thought things would have shaken out by now, but they have not. Hopefully eventually.

But yeah, this week has sucked balls and I am cranky as shit. Woo.

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