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Odd dreams.
I had a long, rambly dream last night, where I was out and about with JJ, my husband. I don't remember the details of most of it. It was one of those "things keep going wrong" stress dreams, but not the "basically a nightmare" kind where I end up being unable to find JJ anywhere and I'll be alone and sad forever, we were together the whole time.

I do remember the ending, though. As we were driving around this fantasy city (a recurring dream setting of mine) I remembered that it was my birthday, (which it is!) and we needed to take the goober child to JJ's mother to babysit, so we could go out to dinner together to celebrate. (Which we will!) When we got there, though, the house was super crowded, this huge extended family of people I didn't know was over, and his mom said they were friends, and the older kids were going to babysit the younger ones, so we could all go out to dinner together.

There was some weird interlude there where I tried to walk to a neighborhood gyro place I've always wanted to eat at, and then remembered that this was supposed to be my birthday dinner and why was I walking to get gyros alone and not going somewhere fancy with JJ?

I went back to the house, and everybody was just about ready to leave. This whole crowd of strangers and also my mother in law coming to my birthday dinner. I pulled JJ aside and was all "Look, they can go where they want, but I am either eating out with just you or I'm going to get gyros alone." And he was all "Of course!" But something, something, I can't remember what else, his mom needed to come with us for a bit and then we'd go on.

So we went to get into his car, except somehow it was even smaller than normal, and we we had to kinda clown car it in there to fit all three of us. After we'd driven just a little ways, the car turned into a boat, and that was fine, a nice river trip to a riverside restaurant (hmmm, maybe I do actually want to go to a riverside restaurant tonight? I should check the menu at McMenamins?) would be fine. Only then JJ fell in the water and got the nice suit he was wearing all soaked.

His mom said she knew somebody nearby, and so we went to this rickety big apartment building with a tiny apartment were this gorgeous middle-aged lady lived with her five or six year old kid. She said she'd been a former porn star and was kinda shameless about the details. She had all these weird, sparkly, Vegas show girl type outfits, most of which were stretchy spandex, and for whatever reason JJ put on the top of one and was standing there in his boxers and this sheer-and-rhinestones peacock short and headdress thing. At that point in the dream he was suddenly more like Movie Star JJ, with his hair just absolutely perfect and like visible abs and things. (Still basically shaped like and looking like him, not like the typical movie star, but like an idealized version of his usual self.) And his manly self looking like that in his femme outfit was just hotness itself. I pretty much wrapped myself around him and was all "So we could just go home and bang and skip the dinner."

And at that point the goober kicked me awake. Dang goober!

My dreams are so funny. I mean, once again my brain is being so fucking un-subtle. JJ is my idea of perfection in 99% of the ways. The remaining 1% is his stubborn straightness. He is the straightest straight man to ever be straight, and he's certainly also entirely cis and not interested in genderfuck or gender-bending. I mean, he has some fun messing with my gender, because he finds pushing my buttons entertaining. He's the one who got me to have a sudden realization that yes I was into forced-femme with one well-placed "girl". But if I were to discover that he actually did want to cross-dress a little, I would be so in heaven.

Curse you, evil brain, for making me dream impossible things.


Still, I'll take 99% perfect. It'll do!

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