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The week from hell continues.
So as dedicated readers may recall, this week began innocuously enough, but Tuesday was painful dental horror, Wednesday my computer died and took all my bookmarks and other such useful things with it, Thursday we had cat-poo-mageddon and decided that was the last straw, newkitty is not going to work out here.

That was the point at which I left you last, dear reader, and I was looking forward to my birthday and a hopefully not-horrible rest of the week.

The birthday itself went fine. Dinner out with no goober was great. I drank a lot of cider and ate an entire charcuterie plate by myself. However, my mother decided to be my mother, and called to wish me a happy birthday obsess about her plans to perform Perfect Family Togetherness. Result: I have been invited by my mother to my sister's wedding, which is apparently on the date of my own fucking 10th wedding anniversary. With a just charming "you can celebrate that some other weekend" from my mom when I pointed out this fact that is known very well to both of us. I've been telling her we were making big plans for our 10th for like a year, since she's constantly pushing Family Gatherings on me and I've been all "No, JJ is saving his days off for our big anniversary plans." at her.

*Hisses and snarls*

I have contacted sister to find out what the fuck is actually up, since last I heard she was just laughing about "you know mom" and how there wasn't going to be any wedding this fall, she wasn't rushing into anything here. If it really is the case that she's getting married the weekend of my anniversary, I will not be going. She wasn't at my wedding and we all survived. I don't have to be at hers. I like her, but we're not that close.


Today is still part of this week, though, and could I escape from the week's curse? No, dear reader, no I could not.

Today I found out that newkitty is not going to be rehomed, because the shelter (and by extension all the other shelters around) will not take him, as turns out he's going into kidney failure, and they want to adopt out cats, and nobody would adopt a cat that's basically on hospice care and may not have long to live.

So we're stuck with him.

I only mind because the other cats are definitely unhappy about his total lack of social chill, and because it means I'll have to scoop the litter box constantly, as he's both fussy about wanting it clean, and pees like a horse. Kidney failure, I guess.

Anyway. The week from hell had better be over now, if something else goes wrong tomorrow, I'm going to pack my bags and ask my friend in NewZealand if I can crash on her couch, I swear.

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