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Guess what I'm still writing about?
If you guessed "Good Omens" you were right.

Finished two fics yesterday, one a cute little sappy romance thing just over a thousand words, the other a 7k smutfic. Both very fun.

There's just so much to play with here! (Cue massive amounts of Good Omens rambling and probably at least tiny spoilers.)

Like, my first idea was just "I've seen a million first time stories already, I want to write my idea of that" and had them both being virginal, and cute to each other, and just exploring sex and love and what that meant in a very equal sort of way, together.

But of course there are the "Crowley tempts Aziraphale into it" stories that I'm *dying* to write, and the one I was apparently even more dying to write, the "Aziraphale likes fleshy pleasures, (see the way he is about food,) what if he's massively experienced about sex? Meanwhile Crowley almost never eats, what if he dpesn't give a damn about sex in the same vein and is a total virgin?" which is the above-mentioned 7k fic. That was so much FUN to do.

And then there are all the kink ideas. Crowley gets a little toppy once he figures things out in the above story. But he also makes SUCH a bottom, it's great. And the idea of soft little Aziraphale topping... <3 You see moments of him being firm and strong as fuck in the book/series, so why not?

And then there's the silly stuff.

I've never written so much comedy in my life! But the way those two idiots bounce off each other is just inherently funny. You can't work with those characters and be true to them at all, and not be at least a little silly.

I've even made some pretty good jokes! There's this whole bit about the design of the platypus in a story I haven't finished yet. Also a thing about evil black candles being licorice scented. And just...funny things! I never do comedy! But people are saying they laughed, on the two I've posted already. It's amazing!

So yeah. This is being quite the experience and given the size of the Good Omens section in my ideas file, it's showing no sign of tapering off yet.

Anyway, the latest two are up on Patreon right now, and will be on AO3 sometime in the next week or so.

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