July 4th, 2019



Art and the Vinyard is a festival here every year. It runs three days, and it's the three days of the whole year I go "en femme" and wear a dress. There's just something about the "get completely fancy with a straw hat and drink fancy booze" thing. I dunno. It's the one time I don't mind just going in total lady mode. It's hard to put into words, tbh. It's a bit cross-dressing? But it's a bit just... I look amazing as FUCK in a dress that flatters my hips, and while most of the time I haaaaaaaaaaaaate my hips, if I'm going to put up with them, maybe a few days a year I can wear a dress that flatters them and look sexy as fuck. And for some reason this is the event where I do that.

Also I get drunk.

Also it's SO GOOD, the wine.

Today was day one of three. So far the winner is Saginaw Vinyard pepper jelly wine, which was unexpected. They do fruit wines and fascinating things that I do always enjoy, so they're usually one of the top contenders when I'm considering what to take home at the end of everything, but jalapeno wine was not something I would have expected, even from them. But it's SO GOOD. Unless something really awesome comes up, that's probably my bottle this year.

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