July 6th, 2019


I felt like some fluff

In Your Eyes (1265 words) by bladespark
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Good Omens (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Aziraphale/Crowley (Good Omens)
Characters: Aziraphale (Good Omens), Crowley (Good Omens)
Additional Tags: Fluff, Romance, Staring soulfully into somebody's eyes, cursed ice cream, Inspired by Music, Love Confessions, First Kiss

Everyone thinks Aziraphale's eyes are blue, but Crowley knows they're not.

It can't be all smut all the time, right? Inspired by staring way too much at Aziraphale while re-watching some scenes for story details, and realizing "Huh, they're not actually blue, even though everybody says they are."

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OMG this story.

It has taken on a ridiculous life of its own.

I really liked the dynamic, with Crowley being just a biiiiiiiit of a bottom type, in While The Nightingale Sang Unheard. It was fun.

So why not explore that fully in a sequel? I started with a fantastic little setup that leaned into all the ways that Crowley has done sweet acts of service to Aziraphale, centered on a specific scene of making him some hot chocolate, that would be a great intro for a Crowley sub, Aziraphale dom fic. That is kinda my OTP here. You can flip it, dom Crowley and sub Aziraphale are very workable, but I am much more fond of this way around.

But then it just went off the rails.

Because as I was exploring Crowley's submission, I thought about binding demons, and all those rituals, and all those old books that mention such things, and knew that Aziraphale would know how, and that Crowley would want it. But if you're going to bind a demon, you must know his true name, and I could not resist the fannon I've seen about Crowley being Raphael.

This becomes a bit of a Thing very quickly, though. Raphael is a peer to Gabriel. He's a Big Deal in heaven. He's a flipping archangel. If Crowley used to be that, it would mean something. It would also explain something, since he did The Big Temptation, the Original Sin. And then he mentions Big Deal things like making stars. AND he's obviously able to work miracles in some difficult circumstances (saving books on holy ground, pulling the Antichrist out of time on the eve of Armageddon, big things!)

But my brain just went off on that. If he's a Big Deal, would Hell really leave him alone and let him go his own way? No! They might try to kill him in a fit of pique right after he fucked up their beautiful Apocalypse, but on later consideration, I think they'd want to keep him any way they could.

So I now have a D/s fic that is also about the cosmic significance of Crowley's power, Aziraphale's holiness, what binding a demon really means for an angel, and what Hell wants out of the whole thing.

And it's almost hilarious, because I finished the previous story with what I thought at the time was a total throwaway line about how the reason Hell leaves Crowley alone is another story entirely, and now I seem to be telling that story.

It's totally out of my control, it's ridiculously long, it's going in all kinds of directions, and who the fuck is even going to READ a BDSM sexfic that's also about cosmic identity and Crowley fighting the powers of Hell? I have no idea! It's a bit of a niche here!

And yet I am writing it anyway.

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