July 7th, 2019


Unitariansm still seems like Bizarro World here.

Today's sermon was on the importance of speaking up for yourself and maintaining good personal boundaries in friendships and other relationships.

I find something new to boggle at every week.

Realistic life lessons, and not just "how to more Jesus" at church? GASP! I am shocked!

Also I do quite like the coffee.

I have my membership form all filled out, and a preschool form for the goober, I just have to figure out how exactly to "tithe" when I get started. They don't ask for a specific amount (unlike Mormons) but they do want something, and I can spare a little. But my only personal bank account is paypal. Can't write checks, can't withdraw cash without a good bit of a hit on ATM fees, and they don't seem to be setup to take paypal. I'm trying to figure out this give++ app thing, which might work.

I actually said "Well, I'm a Unitarian" to somebody at the wine festival the other day. Only so I could make a joke, but still... Think it might be true.

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