July 13th, 2019


Too many different directions.


I have things to say?

But it's hard to say them when they're happening.

And I'm so lost in depression and stress and THINGS right now.

I have at least finished yet another Good Omens fic.

I have another one I'm nearly done with that's a lovely thing about gender identity, but it's a bit bogged down near the end, so instead I worked on a silly kink fic about Crowley's inhuman, primal, demonic characteristics during sex, and how Aziraphale doesn't mind that one little bit.

You know, I also had an almost-dream yesterday, one of those things where you're half asleep, and not properly dreaming, but still kinda disassociating and out of it, and in that I half-dreamed that Crowley walked into my internal headspace and found me, Aidan, my internal self there, and was puzzled because he (I) was winged but not an angel, and was so like his Aziraphale, but wasn't him.

I'm kinda seriously identifying with Aziraphale. I identify with Crowley some too? But in a generic way. Crowley is obviously insecure about something and having trouble coping with something, but it's a bit fill-in-the-blank, you can put whatever insecurity or struggle you like in there. Aziraphale is more specific, and while some bits don't align, and some do but are trivial, (books, foodie-ness) there are others that are powerful. (Queerness, body existence things.)

I have a long blog I'm actually writing properly, with editing and all, about that, which will tie with the other story I'm working on.

But this one was just fun. I'll put it up on Patreon probably tomorrow, and for everybody else a day or two after that.

Oh! Also, nobody's been daft about Vertigo so far, and I'm so pleased. I've even gotten a couple of comments from people who seem to have found themselves in it, and that's always lovely.

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