July 15th, 2019


You are not "bad at socializing" you're just an ASSHOLE.

God, I hate that excuse.

Oh, I'm just so bad at this! Oh, I just don't know how to talk to people. Oh, I'm introverted, autistic, shy, nerdy, whatever. Oh, I didn't know what I was doing, I couldn't help myself, I'm just bad at communication.


You speak the English language, you know what words mean, and in this specific case there's not some subtle, ungraspable difference between "I'd like your insight into kink for this story" and "I want you to write the sex scenes of this story in a collaboration."

When I ask what kind of help you're after, and you say the first, when you mean the second, that's not some kind of non-neurotypical inability to parse social norms, that's you fucking lying rather than be honest about what you want, and you KNOW that. You said words that meant NOT the thing you want, you don't have to be some kind of natural genius at social situations in order to understand the fucking words you typed.

It's not even an in-person uncomfortable "why the fuck did I just say that, that's not what I meant" thing, because those words were TYPED and you could have taken any amount of time you liked to look at them and edit them and make them mean what you meant before you sent them. But no, you had to try to play some kind of fucking game to get me to do what you wanted instead of just fucking asking.

(If he'd asked up front, he'd have been politely quoted my commission prices. Since he played games, he got told to fuck off. Honestly gets you places that manipulation never will, fuckwit.)

Goddam, though, I HATE the jackasses who use being introverted and/or non-neurotypical as a shield for being manipulative game-players and creeps. Fuck them sideways.

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Positive things

I've made a good dent in getting my pony fics up on AO3. I've probably mildly annoyed anybody who's subscribed to me, since I am sure they're mostly following for other things, but oh well. (It's a small number of people, I do not have a large following there.) Once I have all the finished "real" fics up I need to then decide where to draw the line on scraps and snippets and so on.

My next Good Omens fic will be out tomorrow, and a new ponyfic chapter (Star Tiger, a commissioned project, commissions are the only pony fics I'm currently doing) will be up on Wednesday. Also a chapter of Kiss Against the Wall, I think the next to last one? That's been ticking along slowly.

Also I have a date tonight! Meeting the most smoking hot transman I have ever seen, OMG I just want to lick him all over, hnnnnnng. *ahem* Anyhow, meeting up to have a cider and hang out for a couple of hours. I was asked out, dated, did lots of banging, and broke up with somebody else in the time between this guy and I going "we should have a date" and managing to actually have one. Life things! But hopefully it'll be fun and we can manage at least slightly more often than once every six months. :3

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