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AO3 meme time
taken from [personal profile] shadaras.

List your top fanfic on AO3 for every year, sorted by kudos.


Dark. (Legend of Zelda.)
Still my top overall sorted by kudos, and the entire reason I made an AO3 account in the first place, because I couldn't post it on FimFiction, so I needed somewhere to put it.


Silent Echoes. (Legend of Zelda.)
Top only because I didn't post much and none of it popular that year. I still really like it, though. Sci-fi AUs are fun.


Nothing, because I didn't post anything that year. It was a huge year for me on FimFiction, MLP fandom was at its peak and I had several runaway hits. But nothing on AO3.


Servant. (Legend of Zelda.)
Top because it's the only thing I put up that year. People did really like it, though, for a Zelda fic with a really obscure pairing it did magnificently well.


Nothing again. It was a bad year for writing in general.


Mirrors: Learning to Love. (Legend of Zelda.)
I kinda adore that a story about the struggles a trans person can have with the sex act made it to the top of that year. AO3 is...not without its problems, but on that front it's always been very good.


Ouroboros. (Legend of Zelda.)
Repeating time loops were quite a trend, and I was late to it, but apparently not too late for a story to get a little attention. Also, vampires are always good. And I had several people who'd loved Dark say they were excited to see my write Dark Link again, which is probably a big part of why this one did well, which is nice.


The Pleasures of the Flesh. (Good Omens.)
No sooner do I step out of Zelda fandom and into a bigger fandom, then of course stories start taking off immediately. If it hadn't been Good Omens it would have been a Marvel fic, none of my Zelda fics have done so well so far. (Dark took years and years to slowly build a following, this one has taken days to nearly catch up with it.) It's nice, and yet sometimes it's actually almost depressing. I do well solely because I'm writing the fandom people want right now, the pairing they want, the specific representation they want. And even in a popular fandom, when I write a story that's more deeply about me, it gets much less attention.

Guess I'm ending this on a downer. It's been that kind of day/week/month/year.

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